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Coal - Smoke - Rails

A view from my back porch…

  When train travel was once a main part of our society its hard to remember those times among the speeding cars out on the roadways of this land today. Although I sat and pondered the sounds of locomotives pulling into the train depot thinking of passengers getting on and off moving slowly along the rails of the south. It was like I could still smell a faint coal fire in the annuals of time among the modern day grind of what now might be considered a sleepy little town. Yesterday I found myself at the old depot in Shellman, Ga. Where I`m sure was once a busy place. Even the remnants of freight such as grains were loaded and unloaded making this town a hub for local trade yielding its part to the economy for a unknown duration of time before the mechanized machines of a distant world would take away the grand prize of this south Georgia town. I suppose even us will one day be replaced by yet another in some shape or form lending its on good or bad to daily sights in towns all over America. For now my mind will stay as long as I can make it along side the tracks of yesterday where I find the most joy for living in today………..Dan

Dew on the Ground

A view from my back porch...
As I rock along this morning waiting on the rest of the farm to awake from its restful sleep my mind ponders along days gone by. I for one have sung many songs over the years, walked many walks, worn at times more than one hat, but the old old story has more meaning now than when I first begun. Life has taken turns that in a blink of the eye the ole ox found the ditch all while the smallest of sparrows were being held within sight of the great creators eye. Today's journey is easier because of yesterdays walk for I know who holds my future. Just as the morning dew is still present on the vine the voice I hear calls me near so I walk along with total trust in my maker. What a day this will be because He lives.…..Dan

Bird house Time

A view from my back porch…

  I tell you these last several days we have had have been great with the warmer weather. It has even made it up into the 80`s with sun as bright as you could ask for. With a little down time lately I have been out in the barn making some new bird houses. Many we have had around the farm have seen better days, so I figure its time to give my feathered friends something to brighten there day as well. The season is changing around here bringing with it a renewed spirit of sorts.

  Even my view on things change this time of year. I have that go and concur all mindset, lets hope it continues for a long time to come. Right now I invite you to so come along as we live life here at the old homestead………………………..Dan

Fenced In

A view from my back porch...

Some of the simple joys in life come from helping others when there is something to be done. Maybe a leaky pipe, a roof repair, or just a simple fetch for something. Then you have the times that a kind word brings joy as does those encouraging words at the right moment. What ever it is simple is best in this world of hatred where others miss the mark by a mile never understanding the value of life in general. I think these moments through life are far more important, in fact I`d rather the world stop just to make them happen. You never know what you can find or who can be reached in simplicity itself, especially when we all live on the same planet. Farm life brings only the best out in people. Others are destined to abide in a town setting where country remains fenced for those who live life...………………….Dan

Shaded in Time

A view from my back porch…
Yesterday I was working on top of a barn roof gazing out over old growth oaks draped with silver moss. Such sights were common here in the deep south, many gone with time, but never forgotten. Pondering on the shaded lane that winds through the massive oaks one could almost catch a glimpse of a buggy coming toward the big house bringing some important news for the rural south to consider. Might be news of an advancing army invading from the north making its way into Dixie, or news of some lighter more quieter nature. Either way, those sights and sounds still echo if only one will look in the right places.
For now, the news from up north is colder weather breathing down upon this place that I call home. With split wood and a good fireplace, time will stand still once more for these old eyes……………….Dan

Making Plans

A view from my back porch...

I was just sitting here think`n about last week. We took a little trip up to middle Georgia to place our order for this year's seed. There is nothing like an old seed company that has been around since 1922. It reminds me of why this old farm has been around so long. The simple truth is doing things the old way, using tried and true techniques, last but not lest planting good seed with a history of high germination. Once you couple in a good measure of sweat woven with long days, you get a yield of what hard work is all about. Our land nor our name has not been carved out through laziness. No sir I think that history will kindly record the efforts laid down by prideful attention to preserving what has been handed down as a blessing to each who call this place home. I have seen much over my years here on the farm, but the one diehard truth is all who put their hand to the plow around here have never walked away from this place. In fact, it becomes sweeter by the day and home to the faithful................................Dan

Come on In

A view from my back porch...

  Grab a hand full of firewood and pull up a chair. Its cold outside on the back porch that's why I`m in front of the fireplace this morning. Might just be that my chores will have to wait until the sun comes up high, and then some. With coffee on the stove, I`m off to a good start as I think about those colder days before I insulated the old farmhouse. Those times when water would freeze on the kitchen table overnight, yes sir we have we come a long way. I`m just saying things like that might not be common in this hurry up world today, but your family history sure did have similar things recorded within there pages of time. In a lot of ways we have it made today, yet some still complain for more. As for me, I`ll just keep things plain and simple drawing no attention to the modern for the old way of the past works fine among the tall woods of this ole hollow..........................................Dan

Evening on the Porch

A view from my back porch...

  It was sixty plus degress as we sat out on the old porch last evening. Good conversation as the coals made ready for our friday night fare was the order after a long week on the farm. We watched as a slow low fog moved across the east pasture. It became dense as it made its way over the barn, almost laying still just in reach if one wanted to try. The mositure was whitish in color creating a bright lighting efect aginst the darken sky. After a few minuits it was gone and so was the week we spent in pridful work bringing that satisfaction I enjoy for a job well done. Maybe time will grant a new week ahead and with it the strength to build more than a structure, but more memories to last another hundred years..........................................Dan

Closer By

 A view from my back porch...            The barn team journeyed back down to Florida last week to put our final touches on a horse barm we built from scratch last year. Working on it in three stages better fitting our client's schedule it's now laid to rest on our part as we move on to our next adventure. With that said the decision has been made to make some needed changes. At my age and both the boys having their own family obligations, our focus is to work closer to home bringing with it that slower pace that I personally enjoy, as well as more time to savor the old farm as I desire more each day.               Our barn calendar is full for months now all within a crows call of the old hollow which leaves more time for my back porch pondering. The rains have finally ended there relentless showers so maybe the farm can spring out of the boggy conditions we have had for weeks on end now. Our winter garden however, has soaked up every drop making what I call the green patch a feast to behold.                                                                                     This year is off to a good start and I for one am glad to be counted among the living as we live out life here at the old homestead where the farmhouse stands tall........................Dan

Foggy Start

A view from my back porch...

Its a foggy start to our morning as the sky awakes from its sleep. No doubt this is going to be a great day around the old farm. With coffee in hand I`m ready to climb any mountain that gets in my way, so wake up my friends and enjoy your day.........................Dan








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