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Color Change

A view from my back porch…

  The old farm is taking on a different look as the season has finally started to change. Our weather has been much different up till now bringing somewhat of a slow start to the changing of colors. Before long a pallet of all known colors will find stance before turning loose to fly downward as a carpet along the hollow floor. A cooler breeze makes its way across the back pasture then knocks against the back door of the farmhouse. Lite by only a oil lamp my porch waits ready for winter to blow in although there will be many weeks to go before that moment arrives. I should have enough time to prepare my thoughts as I drink one more cup before heading out to take on the task of chores that awaits me in the barn…………………Dan

Rails of Sound

A view from my back porch…

  In the pre hours of early morning the sound of steel on steel crosses over the trestle bridge about a mile away. When conditions are all lined up one can hear as far as allowed and so our day starts with distant echos racing across the floor of this old hollow. A darken night brings sound to what is ignored in the light of day. As I listen to hear, small yet equally important movement scurries in the side yard. All in all much is among the living, moving about, rolling as wheels along rails making tracks toward another day. Once the sun is hanging high then we will find our place in the order of things. May our sound be a pleasing one to those who listen in contentment……………………………Dan

Barn Roots

A view from my back porch…

  Pulling back age old moss draping from large oaks I find my mind this morning going over the journey of a lifetime conjuring up visions from what was a common day on this land during the plantation area just a few short years ago. In all likely hood it was much the same as it is right now as fields were worked during the southern heat. My Old Mule barn is made of wood all the way, where others were made using field stone for walls allowing heavy wood timbers to form there inner structure. If time could talk life might have been hard, but barns speak volumes of a great era faded now in the past. A time found only at memories best bringing with it hardships coupled with laughter. Farms great or small had backbone with all hands on deck grinding out a lively hood second only to pure innovative ingenuity. As I touch the signs of the past, a great connection comes over me that anchors my roots even deeper in the fact that where we have come from is why we are where we are today………………….Dan

Fiddling Around

A view from my back porch…

  With autumn now in calenders sight I see the nights getting somewhat longer as the clock ticks towards winter. The sun is slower to rise giving me that awareness that before long firewood will find a home next to the cooler mornings on the ole back porch. For now we live out life with a few more hot days on the agenda, then as the cycle unfolds we will surly find that much needed change before our blinking eye. Yes sir, natures best and the good part is we have nothing to do with it. Brought to us by our Masters hand. Now with that said what ever I fiddle around with today is about all that needs to be tampered with on another fine day in Dixie…………………………………Dan

A Squirrel Forecast

A view from my back porch…

  Well our summer garden has just about played out with little to nothing left. There are a few peppers hanging on in hopes that we will pull them before they fall. Its been a good summer for all things garden related. Now its time to move on into the next season of thinking. My mind has been on fall for weeks now. In fact just about the time the squirrels started to fill their winter pantry I started to think about cooler things as well as my regular slowing down for the year. With that said we still have more hay to cut as we fill the barn for a long winters night. Up to now its been a very productive year for us and the old homestead is ready to end summer and coast on into the final quarter before it all starts over again. As for those squirrels they know weather better than you think, so I`ll bank on their wisdom as nature moves closer in my thoughts…………………………………….Dan

Simple Pleasures

A view from my back porch…

  Looking back over this week we have been busy as a bee on the old farm with lots to show for time well spent. My view for several days now looking out over the hood of my old 40-20 running over acres of fresh cut grass. Tedder and raking just ahead of baling some new field grass ready to become feed for some deserving four legged friend. Its the simple pleasures that makes me smile, such as the smell of green hay, the wind upon my face, and the roar of steal under my seat. Those are the real things that bring a peaceful balance to any work day. Many never find nor can understand the pride in rewarding work. For those who want things easy you need not come down my dirt road for here you will work to earn the end of the greatest day ever…………………………..Dan

A Country Store in Time

A view from my back porch…

  Recently I stopped by stepping through the doors of a old country store that has stood as a landmark in a small Georgia town since 1918. With the smallest of items I wet my appetite just as my mind remembered from by gone days. Reaching for a ice cold bottle coke followed by a handful of crackers laying on each a torn piece of hoop cheese was memory road for these worn eyes. I think time has robed us of the little things that once meant the most in life and that I miss tremendously. Even though we have some great modern conveniences they will always come in short when we stack them up against the early days of our youth. It might just be the way things are, but living in the past as I seem to do more of these days is like living life over again. So with that memories can be for each of us the lifeline of youth in this modern world of time…………………………….….Dan

All Fenced In

A view from my back porch…

  Our summer heat is pressing downward as the land grows further in time bringing fond memories of last winter with it. For now our days are  filled with opportunities ready to be marched on and conquered. Each rug on the ladder is either a uphill climb or a descending step leading us along our daily path. I think a slower pace finds more comfort with just as many accomplishments if not more. So for the hurried world beyond the fence of this old place my eyes are focused in first gear moving steadily along this happy trail called life……………………………………Dan

The Right Direction

A view from my back porch…

  As I reflect back over this week I`m satisfied that the ole farm is steadily moving forward paced comfortably for the old mule. Although busy, advancement can be seen just about any where you look. Just think we even have today to go and by the time you add that into the equation who knows what accomplishments can be had. The point is a good week is all one can ask for. To have a good week you have to earn it. Make sure you have a positive attitude, don`t look for something wrong, quit being negative about everything, do your work and not someone else`s, and be thankful to be alive. Sure there is more that can be added to this, but I think one has to grasp these basics things to start with. So the question is what have we earned? For me I`m happy, for others, well what is earned is the wage that fits their achievement best. I say things are good here at the old farmhouse as we work on for the night is coming……………………………….Dan

A Quiet Days Work

A view from my back porch…

  I`m trying to be a little quieter this morning as I scuffle around in the dark. We have one of our grand daughters staying with us a few days enjoying the old farmhouse along with how life is on this side of the farm. Even in the quietness I can still hear past generations scurrying around to start their day before each would head out into the fields making marks in the dirt of time. Each with a chore of their own to achieve, all done in somewhat of a symphony orchestrated method that worked day in and day out. Kinda makes one wonder what happened over the years bringing with it a false mentality that people don`t have to work anymore or the notion that its someone else s responsibility to get the work done. For me pride steps forward motivated by a clear conscience that energizes my awareness of why I`m here. I have a responsibly to always be the best that I can be. To pull my weight in this modern day world filled with drama which I will add is not allowed on this homestead. Our for fathers made sacrifices and so we must to keep the balance necessary to drive onward. My hope is that all of my grand children will grow to understand this value. Its nice to have a quiet moment that speaks volumes. Remember books are great tools, but nothing can ever take the place of hands on determination in a good ole honest days work………………………..Dan

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