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The Old Mule

Old Mule Farms - Graves, Ga.

Where time stands still

Welcome to The Old Mule website. I was given the name old mule by my family after retiring a number of years back. My son said he brought the old mule back out of the pasture giving me more ode jobs around this place than I already had. That's alright I`m at home around this old farm.   Enjoy our site as you view what life is like right here at Old Mule Farms…. We are located in south Georgia right in the heart of Dixie.  Each day is filled with enjoying life at a slow pace. Come on and join me for a journey of a lifetime.altalt

The Old Back Porch

A view from my back porch...

  Come blog with me each week on the back porch of the old farmhouse for some memories and thoughts on country life.alt